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Traditional Black & White views;
Our original - BW Series (Negatives)
These views come from Ernest Charman, Jack Turley, Peter Gavin, Mather Cripps, John Roberts, Gordon Gangloff, Derek Monk and from many others including glass plate negatives, and the occasional auction purchase.

Barrie Hutson - BH Series (Negatives on Loan)
Stan Elliott - SE Series (Negatives) : Jack Turley - JTR Series (Steam Railway)

Colour views taken from Slide or Negative collections;
Ernest Charman - EC Series (Bus Negatives) : Martin Piggott - MP Series (Bus Slides) : Jack Turley - JP Series (Bus Slides)

Collections to follow when material scanned and first published in Newsletter;
John Piggott - JP Series (Slides & Negs) : Les Hough - LH Series

Completing three years of Newsletter we are offering for our April 2012 anniversary issue,
a one off chance to collect more exclusive views this time from the lens of Robert Langridge - RL Series
These views will ONLY be made available through our newsletter and NOT off the stall! (Another subscriber benefit)

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Not all of our previously published images have been added at the present time.
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